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Recent Projects

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Waverly Waterfront
Park and Trail Plan

Fall 2022 - Intended to connect the community to natural resources, the goal of the Waverly Waterfront Access and Trail Plan is to link a proposed waterfront access point with existing landside recreational assets in the Village of Waverly, New York.

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 Dryden North Street Neighborhood Plan

Fall 2022 - A concept-level site development plan for the North Street Neighborhood, this project identified transportation solutions and analyzed the community’s goals for residential, business, and community development in the North Dryden neighborhood.

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Town of Geneva
Transfer Station

Spring 2023 - This project formed a design proposal for an upgraded transfer station that maximizes resource recovery and minimizes landfilling in the town of Geneva, New York. Included were in-depth site analyses, and a broad community engagement process.

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Design Connect is a multidisciplinary, student-run, community design organization based at Cornell University. This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.

We foster the mutual exchange of expertise and experiential learning between Cornell students and local municipalities in Upstate New York. 


Participating in Design Connects provides students with practical experience and our partners with low-cost, viable design and planning services.


Design Connect


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Our Work


Design Connect strives to empower both students and citizens by advancing collaborative, democratic, and sustainable design projects in Upstate New York.
We research, build consensus, generate ideas, and identify opportunities for our partner municipalities and non-profits.
We are a student-led organization housed in the Department of City and Regional Planning (CRP). Our teams are made up experienced and aspiring planners, architects, engineers, policy-writers, designers, and many more. Students from any degree program join a Design Connect team for credit and experience work outside the classroom while partnering with real communities.
Projects are announced at the beginning of each semester, and all students are encouraged to sign-up for a unique and impactful program.  


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We love to hear from the community, students and all interested parties!
Get in touch with us now through Email, Facebook, or Instagram. 
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Design Connect is a registered student organization of Cornell University.

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